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Alba Mesa Enviromental law especialist and surf enthusiast

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To whom it may concern,

Moving to Costa Rica on 13th November and looking for new job experiences. 

I have studied Law and have had work experience in several different offices.

I was raised near the ocean in Tenerife, observing it and swimming every day, as I’ve been a swimmer from a young age and also was trained as life guard so I believe I have a good knowledge about surfing, water physics and hydrodynamics.

I’ve been working in sales related to different sports but especially surfing (billabong, volcom) for some years now as you can observe in mycv.

This summer I’ve worked as reservation coordinator, monitor and responsable for the shop in Berria Surfcamp & school in the North of Spain. I’ve been working here with big groups between 50-200 people per week which had been a challenge in the organisation scene and more than anything holding a large amount of data and information on each student required a lot of responsibility.

I used to work under pressure and with a large load of work. I take my job very seriously and that’s why I am very responsible with my duties.

I love working in a team and having great communication and cooperation with my colleagues.

I’m a very passionate surfer and true-living person. Very punctual, organised and methodical, always trying to create good vibes everywhere I go, as I consider working in a good environment is important.


About my surfing skills: I’ve been surfing since I was 15 and haven’t stopped.

Last year I suffered a fracture in my right arm but it hasn’t put any stop to me getting back in the water and practicing the sport that I love, and due to this I know that I have the capacity to push through many obstacles and keep going.

For any further information that you may require, please do not hesitate to contact me.

More than ready to face any new change.


Kind regards,