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Janis Berzs Surf instructor

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Surf Instructors

Throughout the last 17 years I have travelled extensively and had a number of work experiences which all assisted in bringing me to my chosen career as a professional surfing instructor.

Since childhood, I have always enjoyed sports and the majority of jobs I’ve had have been sports-related.

9 years ago I discovered surfing and this has been my main focus for training and research ever since. Aiming to become better at the sport myself as well as learning to become able to coach others.

With a background of sports coaching in my family, and having been an athlete myself. this was a natural progression for me.

At the moment I hold an ISA Level 2 Instructor Certificate and an ISA L1 Judging Certificate as well as Level C surf coach licence issued by the Council of Latvian Sports Federations (LSFP).


Graduated October 2017 ISA Judging and Officiating at Surf Steps Water Training Academy

I did an ISA Judging and Officiating Certification course in Lithuania with the course presenter Andy Joyce from Surf Steps Water Training Academy.

Graduated August 2019 ISA Level 2 Surf Instructor at Surf Insight

I had previously held ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor and ISA-ILS Aquatic Rescue and Safety certificates for two years after doing a course with the same ISA Course Presenter – Tim Jones from Surf Insight.

Graduated February 2021 Level C sports coach (surfing) at Sporta Izglītības Aģentūra

Sports coaching education programme containing lesson planning, sports psychology, sports medicine, sports theory and nourishment, recognised by Council of Latvian Sports Federations.


June 2014 – September 2021 Manager/instructor at Spinout Surf Club (Latvia)

Last 8 summers I have been working at a local surf club on the west coast of Latvia, coaching windsurfing and surfing individually and in groups, organising camps and coaching local kids. Helped organise and run surfing competitions. Managed surfing/windsurfing/sup equipment rental and SUP tours. Fixed equipment and looked after the club house.

October 2015 - March 2018 Surf instructor at Good Story Surf School (Sri Lanka)

Worked 3 winters in a surf school owned by a Russian company. Mostly coaching beginners and sometimes low level intermediates. Mostly in Russian, sometimes in English.

November 2018 – March 2020 Surf instructor at Surf School Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

For two years I worked winter seasons in Surf School Sri Lanka, doing technical upper beginner and intermediate coaching in English.

March 2022 - June 2022 Head coach at Lofoten Surfsenter (Norway)

Worked as a head coach, helping better other coach performance and doing beginner and intermediate coaching in smaller and larger groups together with other instructors.