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Linn Oredson Travel writer, Travel consultant/Producer, Bartender, Waitress, Surfer

Management & OtherSurf InstructorsSurf Photo & Video

My name is Linn, 31 years old, and I’m an adventurous girl who loves travels and surf, and to live close to the beach and ocean. I’m a surf and ski addict who’ve been traveled the world, competing, writing, shooting and exploring.  I now want to move back to Portugal and Peniche, and I would love to work at your restaurant and bar.
I’m from Sweden, but my base is in the small surf town Ericeira in Portugal, and now I want to relocate to Peniche.


I’m studying through distance, part-time, at the university in Sweden – Certified International Travel consultant and Travel producer, Travel & Tourism management. School is on hold during summer, and I would love to work with you.


I write to you because I am applying for the job in your restaurant and bar, that was advertised on Surf-jobs! I have many years of experience from working in restaurants, bar, hotel and reception – as a waitress, bartender, bar manager, hostess, kitchen assistant, chef and receptionist.
I know what is all about, delivering good service and work with customers, and I would be very happy to be a part of your team, with my knowledge, positive attitude and great energy.



I grew up on the west coast of Sweden – and I’m born and raised as a skier. So, I’ve been living in a ski resort further north in Sweden, Åre, and in several ski resorts in the Alps and US. I traveled and worked for a couple of years as a ski guide and at ski shops.


2014 was the year I first tried out surfing, in Portugal, and I got hooked to live a life among the waves and next to the beach.  Since then I’ve been traveling to surf in Central America, Europe and Asia.  But my home is now in Portugal where I love spending time in the water and on the Portuguese coastline.


I’ve been working at several surf camps and surf hostels in Norway, France, Spain, Portugal, Sri Lanka and Philippines, as a social host, camp manager, kitchen assistant, chef and bartender.
I have also been working in many other bars, restaurants and shops in Sweden and Norway.



Besides working in the service industry- I also do writing, I I’ve was studying journalism and marketing.
I’ve been working freelance for the surfing company Lapoint Surfcamps, where I work on their Swedish website with copywriting and content writing, social media marketing and translating texts. But now during these hectic times it’s on hold.
And translations for NF Academy, a Portuguese football company, and in customer service and as a travel consultantfor travel agency Thabela Travel in Cape Town, South Africa.


I’m involved with the Swedish Surfing Association where I’m a part of the board, and helping out with marketing and events.
I’m also ambassador in surf for a company who inspires girls in watersports and winter sports – InspireUs – who works for equality in sports.

I believe that qualities as responsibility, good social skills, be aware, independent, positive, flexible, disciplined and orderly are very important. I am a good team player, with a positive vibe and friendly smile! I spread a good energy and laughter.


I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Best regards,


Linn Oredson



CV continues.


YrkesAkademin YH AB
2020- 2022
– Certified International Travel consultant and Travel producer.
Mid University, Sweden
– Course, full-time Åre, 1 year.
Business- and product development, entrepreneurial in sports, leisure and tourism. Projects and quality technology.
Nordic university, Sweden
– Journalism and radio producer. 1 year, full-time

The Swedish school of textile
– The responsible fashion company
– Pattern art
– Design in profession and theory
– Design Management

Work life experience

Travel consultant – Travel producer
2019-2020 Thabela Travel, Cape Town, South Africa
Travel producer, Travel writer, Travel consultant and customer service.
2018-2020 Lapoint Surfcamps
Customer service

Marketing, writer
2012-2013 Translator. Blue Tomato
2014-2019 Ambassador in surf. Lapoint surfcamps
2014- 2020. Copywriter, content writer,social media marketing. Lapoint Surfcamps.
2015- 2019 Marketing and events. The Swedish surfing associaton SSA.
2017-ongoing, Ambassador InspireUs.
2018- 2019 Translator. NF Academy.

2015- 2017 Freelance journalist. Ski magazine www.freeride.se
2016 Reporter. Local newspaper. Åre idag
2015–2016 Editor / reporter. Ski Magazine Makalu Magazine
2018- Travel writer. Tipsbytrips
2019-2020 Travel writer, social media marketing. Thabela Travel

Service professions (a selection)
2014 -2015 Manager Folven Camping Stryn, Norway.  Receptionist, café-bar-restaurant.
2015 -2018 Bartender, café, chef, hostess. Café Varvet at Island Brännö, Gothenburg.
2016 Social host/camp manager. Friends of Aloha Surfcamps, Biarritz France
2016 Social host, bartender, kitchen assistant. Amar hostel, Ericeira Portugal
2016-2019 Chef, bartender. Hotel & restaurant Gothia Towers, Gothenburg
2017 Chef, kitchen assistant. Surfing Wombats Hostel, Sri Lanka
2017 Kitchen assistant, bartender, social host. Dreamsea surfcamps, at their destinations in France, Spain and Portugal.
2018 Hostel manager, social media marketing. The West Coast House, Sri Lanka.
2018–2019 Bartender. Restaurant Oceanen, Gothenburg, Sweden.

Childcare, school
Oct 2007 – May 2014
Work in preschool, primary school and as a nanny, au pair.
Aug 2014-April 2015 Fulltime, preschool teacher. Gothenburg.

Sales, service
Aug 2010- April 2011 Retail sales assistant, Skistore, Gothenburg.
Aug 2011- Feb 2012 Sales. Coffee company Nespresso.
Jan 2011- Aug 2013 Events. PS Communication, BSP marketing and Eventpersonal.
Aug 2012- May 2013 Retail sales assistant. Åre Skidsport, Åre Sweden.
Jun 2013 – Sep 2013 Retail sales assistant, Peak Performance, Gothenburg.
2015 Retail sales assistant. Second hand shop, Beyond Retro, Gothenburg.
2016- 2019 Store clerk, Åhlens City. Gothenburg
Other jobs
–       Sailing instructor, MSS segelsällskap
–       2013/2014 Travel guide. Ski guide.  STS Alpresor, Switzerland and Austria.
–       2015 Ski guide Xtravel, Switzerland and Italy.
–       2016–2019 Swedish Surfing Association, Board.
–        Driving license B.
–        Computer skills beyond basic knowledge is Excel, Illustrator, Photoshop, In Design, SketchUp, Wordpress, Powerpoint