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Miguel Camacho Gomes Camp/hotel manager

Paris CV-MCG-English-1.pdf
Management & Other

Looking for a new challenge in Hospitality management

Original from Portugal and abroad in France most of my adult life. After 15 years working in Hospitality in Paris, I find myself searching for new challenges. My passion is connecting with people and do not see myself doing anything else. The last few years have been challenging for most of us. Personally, it made me reflect on my future.

I have been an executive chef managing multiple teams throughout Marriott hotels in Paris. More importantly, my views and values towards sustainability and living a more fulfilling life became contradictory to the classic hospitality world in the big city. Therefore, given what my career represents versus my values, I decided to quit my Marriott career in search of a more meaningful challenge in hospitality. This has been my focus for the last year as I wish to pursue a career in smaller properties with richer experiences and later, open my own.


2014-2017 MBA at IEMI International business school


2011-2022 Executive Chef at Marriott