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Nick Smith Scientist (Searching for Chef Job)

Munich, Germany Travel Blog
Management & Other

Working to obtain a position as chef and volunteer for the month of November into December. I am a very confident and capable home cook, and I am always excited to cook for friends and family. I am very comfortable in a kitchen environment, and have briefly worked in a kitchen setting in the past.

Personal Hobbies and Experiences

  •  Semi-Professional Ultimate Frisbee Player. San Diego Growlers 2014-2017
  • Avid surfer
  • Backpacker: Pacific Crest Trail section hiker, Walker’s Haute Route
  • Traveled the Southwest and Mexico in a homemade camper van. 2017-2018
  • Excellent home cook. Constantly cooking for friends and family


  • Native English speaker
  • Beginner Spanish speaker (3 years in high school)
  • Beginner German speaker (2 years living in Munich)

Relevant Previous Work

  1. Student Tutor at TU Munich October 2019- April 2020
    • Worked in conjunction with the professor and other guest lecturers to teach the course of Data Visualization in R.
    • Duties included guiding students, working with them to help accomplish their goals
  2. Cook 1 at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado, USA February 2018
    • Prepared food for patrons at the bar. Maintained safe and clean kitchen conditions
    • Friendly and welcoming to guests
  3. Bioinformatics Scientist, California, USA April 2014 – November 2017
    • Worked as a scientist in a small start-up setting.
    • Able to work on my own to solve problems, and effectively communicate them to a group

Leadership and Teams

  • Coach of the Men’s Munich Ultimate Frisbee team
    • Working with players to have fun and learn the sport of frisbee
  • Captain of the UC San Diego Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Team September 2013 – June 2014
    • Taught students and teammates the rules of the game.
    • Encouraged comradery and cohesion in order to accomplish the goals of the season.
    • Organized and ran the San Diego Community Ultimate Recreation league.
      • Dividing 220 people into fair teams, collecting fees, and working as an accountant for the organization.

Communication Skills

  • Able and comfortable working in groups
  • Social, warm, and easy to get along with
  • Friendly and interested in new hobbies


September 2010 - June 2014 Bachelor of Science: Computer Science at UC San Diego
April 2018 - May 2020 Master of Science: Informatics at Techincal University of Munich