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Cover Letter


Hello, my name is Tom George I am 23 years old and originally grew up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and moved to Wollongong in 2019 to complete a Bachelor of Phycological Science. I have spent my whole life living in close proximity to the ocean and have developed a strong connection and respect for the ocean and the natural environment. I have a strong passion for surfing that has further developed over recent years through my work as a surfing instructor. Outside surfing I love to go hiking and explore different natural environments I also love to rock climb and play music.

Over the past year and a half, I have worked as a surf instructor for Pines surfing academy, in which I am extremely grateful for this opportunity as it has allowed me to extend my passion for the ocean and surfing whilst connecting with my local community and helping others to establish and grow their love for surfing and the ocean. Within my role at Pines Surfing Academy, I developed adaptability and problem-solving skills due to the diverse and rapidly changing ocean conditions present within the beaches that I was teaching at. Furthermore, my experience with different age groups including young children, school children, teenagers, adults, and international travellers has helped me to develop my interpersonal skills that have allowed me to cater each lesson to the specific needs of individuals or groups. Providing both individual lessons and group lessons with fellow colleagues has enabled me to enhance my communication skills which I believe is crucial to ensure clients remain safe and have the most enjoyable time possible whilst learning to surf. In essence, I’m extremally euthanistic and passionate about helping others to learn and advance their surfing skills and would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to develop my knowledge of surfing coaching to enhance a client’s overall experience whilst educating others on the beauty and importance of the ocean.



Experience/ Qualifications

–       15 years of surfing experience.

–       Meeting and greeting clients.

–       Allocation of clothing and equipment

–       Compressive introduction and surf safety talks

–        Demonstrating safe board control

–        Identifying to clients how to safely catch waves

–        Explaining to clients the parts and functions of surfboards

–        Explaining and demonstrating to clients how to stand up on boards

–        Explaining and identifying to clients where to surf and possible surfing hazards

–        Explaining and demonstrating how to safely ride waves to shore

–       Experience in teaching and demonstrating 3 different pop-up methods

–       Overviews of sessions including video analysis of the technique

–       Booking lessons

–       Packing up the gear

–       Running stand-up paddle boarding lessons

–       Swim and surf safety tests

–       Driving large manual trucks



–       Qualified ASI surfing instructor

–       Surf Water Rescue Certificate

–       Fitness Mission Test Certificate

–       Surf Safety Certificate

–       International driver’s licence

–       Bachelor of Psychological Science


I am currently travelling and surfing in throughout Central America and looking for an opportunity to extend my surf teaching knowledge, ideally, I would like to work for a period of 3 months however am flexible to any offers.

I have further attached my curriculum vitae which provides more in-depth information about my experience and qualifications, looking forward to hearing from you.